Good times in taupo! Zeroclass drift day.

Big effort by all the boys before the weekend to get the LX rolling and ready for its first road trip for drifting.
Ae86 was just needing a few tweaks and refit the exhaust.
Left the tyretech premise around 1pm and rolled down in convoy. All cars on trailers and 8 or so crew/drivers all up.
Usual shenanigans on the way down.
Just before this shot a can of Pringles was passed between vehicles.


We were greeted by a stiff frost on Sunday morning.


But soon the on track action was in full swing!
Brendan was pedaling the LX like he’d been doing it for years! ( he has!)


Ae86s went well. My one went through the usual high amount of tyres. Not so much gas though.


Jases 86 has its second track outing. Went really well and had a light tap of the fence whilst Manji-ing the straight. Broke a corner light and small scratches. Good to see him keep it out there and getting seat time.


Good weekend on all counts. LX needs some changes to make it a bit more manageable when switching. Maybe stiffer springs all round?
Have an Hid kit going in this week. Will be getting it street legal in the coming weeks also.
Winter is upon us! Wet roads and cold weather to “cruise” about in.

Huge thanks to all the crew! Brendan @ Convert ltd, Tarran and jase @ tyretech. Brett, Sam and Ollie.


2 responses to “Good times in taupo! Zeroclass drift day.

  1. Hi Nick, I am trying to make contact with Brendan @ NIte parts. I am in Canada and would like to buy some of his stuff for my off-road race truck. Can you please pass my email address on to him or send me his?

    Thanks Lawrence

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