AE86 LCA’s

Ok, Brendan @ Convert Ltd has just finished my modified Lca’s This involved putting rose joints on the inside bushing mount and sending the castor arm through the arm instead of over it.

The reason for this is to stiffen the inner mount to the crossmember with the rosejoint. The reason for the castor arm going through rather than over is for clearance for the steering arm to move over the arm. With milled down rackends this will improve steering angle and feel. Just now need some spacers for the rosejoint to the X member. Fitted it looks like this:

And behind in the above photo the gearbox is fitted in. Now just general fitting of parts and oils. Then up to Convert for final assembly on the weekend. Ready for D1NZ next week.



2 responses to “AE86 LCA’s

  1. interesting, have you got stock steering arms in there? You got more power now or just same?

  2. Yep, Powersteer arms. slightly lengthened Lcas about 330mm. Also has cusco inner rack in the steering. Same power so far. May go blacktop turbo at some stage? Gt3040 anyone?

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