1300km in the 86 pt 2. The home voyage.

Got underway from Palmy around 10am ish. Topped up oil and put some gas in it. Went to flathills cafe for breakfast, which was good. Gave their gravel a bit of a hiding on the way out then put the foot down hard thru 1st into 2nd and nothing…. The throttle cable had slipped off the top of the accelerator pedal. Easy fix then back on the way. Then called into Turoa skifield for a looksie and some photos. (plus sneaky Manji into the Hairpin)

Makes it look small with a big sky.


Then onwards through national park, Taumaranui and towards Te Kuiti when this happened:

Smashed screen from a truck throwing up a stone coming in the other direction. Was pretty hard to look through with the sun on it.

So, took the cover I had down in the boot and put it over the dash in an attempt to catch most of the glass…. did ok but still glass everywhere. Then headed onwards with no windscreen at all.

It was about 3 more hours of driving. Bugs and bees were minor problems along the way. Not too bad and no police saw it.

Poor 86 looked a little worst for wear after 1300km, numerous road works and gravel. No windscreen and a dirty boot from running too rich.

But a good trip and awesome to see I can make a car that will mostly hold itself together long enough to see some of the country without being a major drama. Or having to be a trailer princess like the other one.



One response to “1300km in the 86 pt 2. The home voyage.

  1. Haha, epic!

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