AE86 Turbo!

This is what the car looked like for 2008 Drift series.

Brendon at Convert Ltd did all of the conversion from the 7age to the 4age Turbo setup. The turbo manifold and cooling setup are very well designed.

It had proven very reliable at 10psi (155kw) so the move was to go more boost with bigger injectors and bigger pump and surge system. Then with 20psi it came up to 190kw at the wheels which was more than enough for under 900kgs.

Results were reasonable for that season. A 3rd place at the Christchurch round was the highlight of the season for me and the car. Probably the best the car has ever felt power and balance wise. Full angle with full throttle is where ae86s were meant to be!

After the 2008  season I decided competition drifting was no longer what I wanted to be doing. I have been Judging for the NZ Drift series for 2009 season and I’m the head Judge for the D1NZ 2010/2011 season.

I’m currently lookin to rebuild some aspects of the vehicle with a stronger W55 gearbox and a different Clutch setup with a tilton twin plate and custom drive shaft. Brendan @ Convert is also modifying my lower arms to have an inner rose joint and slightly bigger bolts etc. The rackends are also in for more mods for even more steering angle. The new wheels I have are Work Meister S1 custom built. 15 by 8.5 & 9.5 front/rear. I will still run 14 rears with 185/55/14 tyres as always. Just maybe on 8.5 or 9 inch Xr4s?

Now the car is sporting the Clean look with no stickers or vinyl Looks much different. Updates will happen as I get throug it.



2 responses to “AE86 Turbo!

  1. “should be a better time” ….”he doesn’t care!” lol awesome Nick. legend OG 86 turbo!!! chucked your link on my blog. W box is the way eh bro. need some major clearance in the bell housing for the twin plate? Looking forward to some updates.

  2. Yeah, 28 seconds was my best time at the domain.
    I dummy fitted the gearbox the other night and it went in easily. It’s quite a compact unit so no bellhousing clearance required. the tilton basket and clutch is only 7.5 inch where 4age flywheels are 9.5 inch or bigger. No big pressure plate so no problem. Getting the driveshaft modded early next week. Aiming for Mt Smart D1NZ. Have to get a muffler too…. 95db (Yeah right)

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