Early AE86 action shots

Well, My Ae86 drift car has had a fairly long history.

I got the car in 2004 and pretty much started doing D1NZ rounds after having a 180sx for the first 18 months of D1

The 180sx:

The 180 was good and tidy but I have always had a “thing” for toyotas.

So this is what the drifter looked like origionally… Kinda ugly and trueno.

The car had a modified smallport 4age from Japan.

Which promptly exploded at puke. So the it went 7age turbo. That was a very good combo but  caught fire at manfield.

So then it was on to the N/a 7age motor. Also changed was the wheels and front end into a Levin which I like much more than trueno.

And then vinyl change.

I campaigned the car from 2004 to 2008 in the D1nz and D Factor rounds.

In 2007 I placed 5th in D Factor (NZ Drift Series) and 3rd place in D1nz.

All that with less than 100kw at the wheels.

In the next post I will cover the 2008 season and the 4th engine that was fitted.



3 responses to “Early AE86 action shots

  1. Wow, pretty cool history man. Are you still an active driver?

    • Not competing but I’m head judge for the D1NZ series.
      My car may tag along to a couple of events. Can’t keep up in the big power race in an AE86 anymore.

  2. Ah yea that’s to bad. Same thing here in America, if you dont have 700hp you ain’t making the cut. So sad.

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